Justice services

UURISE responds to the needs of a wide variety of communities and partners by providing services designed to support and further justice for immigrants. Our services include:


For immigrant communities, UURISE provides education services on a variety of issues related to immigration and human rights. Free information forums help immigrants better understand their rights, the pathways to legal status, and the possible protections available to those without a pathway.

For community partners, UURISE provides no-cost and low-cost trainings, workshops, and presentations on topics including current immigration laws, policies, and enforcement, and how to best support immigrant and mixed-status clients and constituents.

Faithful Justice

UURISE helps congregations and small group ministries deepen and broaden their work on immigrant justice through education, discernment, and technical assistance (TA). We work with them to develop or deepen an anti-racist/anti-oppressive perspective. To be of service to the immigrant community, congregations (particularly those that are majority-white) must work to recognize and dismantle privilege and oppression. This work facilitates moving away from a savior mindset and toward a collective liberation framework. This process helps congregations cultivate humility, embrace listening to and trusting impacted communities, and move toward partnering with the people in their communities already doing the work.

Our Faithful Justice model is designed to do more than train a group of people in how to advocate for others: it is intended to create radically welcoming, resilient, relational spaces that serve our congregations and their wider communities far beyond the immigration work that might be their initial goal.

To accomplish this, we can offer a variety of tools, resources, and connections with partners in order to facilitate learning, cultural change within congregations, and increased capacity for immigrant justice work.

Opportunities for discernment and technical assistance include:

  • Sanctuary and immigrant accompaniment
  • Developing accountable community partnerships
  • Developing and maintaining anti-racist/anti-oppression based immigrant justice programs 
  • Justice Portals / Ventanillas de Justicia where UURISE leverages technology and relationships to bring immigration-related services to congregations and their partners in underserved areas

Faithful Justice services also include: 

  • Worship & lifespan Religious Exploration (RE) resources
  • Pulpit supply
  • Congregational generosity

Getting in touch

We would love to work with you toward justice and equity.

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