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UURISE and the people we serve are grateful for your support! Your donation makes you a critical partner in our work providing affordable legal services to marginalized immigrants, and empowering them to prevent catastrophic loss caused by family separation. Your support allows us to educate individuals and communities, and advocate for policies which lead to fuller participation in society.

Thank you believing in the mission of UURISE. Together we can do more than we could ever do alone!


Individual donations

$50 helps a family receive a consultation at our free legal clinics

$100 helps a permanent resident become a U.S. Citizen or $10/Month

$180 helps a family create an individualized Safety Plan or $15/Month

$240 helps a DREAMer apply for DACA or $20/Month

$360 helps an undocumented victim of domestic violence apply for permanent residence or $25/Month

$500 helps a victim of human trafficking apply for immigration relief

$1000 helps a victim of persecution or torture apply for asylum

You can click on any of the suggestions above to make donations in those amounts or use the button below to make a onetime or recurring donation of any amount. (for recurring donation just click the checkbox after using the button below)


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Some ways you can help:

  • Individual donation
    • Monthly donation
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  • Give a gift in someone’s name or in memory of someone
  • Congregational donation
    • Plate share or generosity Sunday

Congregational Giving

Does your faith community have a plate share or Generosity Sunday program? Do you do special collections? Does your Social Justice committee have a discretionary fund for philanthropic purposes? Would you be willing to host a fundraiser for UURISE? Let’s talk about how we can work with you to provide expertise and opportunities to your faith community! Examples include:

  • Host an online discussion on an immigration related book or film
  • Provide support and resources for immigration related worship services