Volunteer or Intern

Do you have a passion for immigration justice? 

Let’s team up to highlight your talents and skills in service of our immigrant communities!

Volunteers and interns are important members of the UURISE team. They serve in a variety of roles, and plainly put, we couldn’t do it without them. Volunteers and interns make it possible for UURISE to provide assistance at low or no cost to a growing number of clients. We offer opportunities that allow for individuals who share our values to contribute their time and talents, from wherever they are located. If you’re seeking a way to share your time and talents with an organization that shares your values, there’s a place for you with UURISE–no matter where you are! We would love to help you “skill up” in areas where you’d like to learn something new, or you can offer your time and energy with services that require little to no training.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • CARE Services
    • Connections
      • Assist with CARE Screening submissions from clients/community members
    • Advocacy
      • Advocate with or on behalf of a client with a third party (school, government agency, etc.)  
    • Resource Navigation
      • Assist clients in accessing resources and services there are eligible for regardless of immigration status or future immigration goals
    • ESPI  (Emergency Safety Planning for Immigrants)
      • Assist clients to develop an Emergency Safety Plan to help avoid catastrophic loss in the event of detention or deportation
  • Legal Services Support
    • Organize documentation and evidence
    • USCIS application preparation assistance (including data entry) 
    • Work closely with Legal Service Provider to provide clients with 1:1 guided assistance with their case organization needs
    • Translation & Interpretation
      • Documentation Translation 
  • Justice Services
    • Outreach for education forums & services
    • Creating education & outreach materials 
    • Connecting congregations & small group ministries doing immigration justice
  • Fundraising & Event Planning 
    • Planning and working on fundraiser events
    • Supporting and promoting online fundraisers 
    • Assist with donor appreciation activities 
  • Office Admin Support – IN-PERSON ONLY
    • Filing 
    • Copying & scanning documents
    • Organizing physical files and creating ESPI binders


  • Emergency Safety Planning for Immigrants (ESPI)
    • Assisting immigrants to avoid catastrophe in the event of detention or deportation 
  • Naturalization & Citizenship 
    • Assisting lawful permanent residents to become U.S. Citizens
  • Services for Victims
    • Assisting victims of crimes including domestic violence and human trafficking access immigration protections 
  • Fundraising
    • Ensuring UURISE has sufficient resources to continue and expand services 
  • Legal Clinics & Workshops 
    • Supporting no-cost assistance for group naturalization and DACA renewal processing


  • Volunteer – The opportunity to be trained for and to participate in activities and events that work for your schedule
    • There is no minimum number of hours. Eligibility for verification of volunteer hours for court-related community service, and honors programs require a pre-approved agreement
  • Internship for Academic Credit – Receive academic credit where available at your learning institution
    • Internships require a semester-long commitment, as well as the minimum number of hours required by your class
  • Non-Credit Internship – Developed between you and UURISE
    • Internships require a semester-long commitment, but the minimum number of hours, specific goals, and project areas are set on a case-by-case basis
  • Service Learning – Volunteer opportunities as a component of experiential education through specific classes or programs
    • The minimum number of hours required is set by the class or program


  1. Browse available volunteer opportunities.
  2. Fill out our application. 
  3. Have a short interview with a UURISE Team member.
    1. Discuss current opportunities and availability.
    2. Applicants for internships will be asked to submit a resume as well.
  4. Complete a UURISE Volunteer/Intern Agreement. 
  5. Complete UURISE onboarding and appropriate training. 
  6. Start volunteering!

Please note:

Periodically we have more requests from people wishing to volunteer and intern than we have opportunities available. Because we prioritize building and maintaining a team that reflects the communities we serve, UURISE actively seeks candidates from a wide variety of backgrounds. Placements are determined by availability, skills, understanding of the issues and challenges of our clients, and demonstrated commitment to justice. UURISE is a welcoming and inclusive organization.