June 19 – 23, 2024

Welcome, Unitarian Universalists!

From wherever you’re attending General Assembly virtually, we’re excited to be in community with you and to share resources and stories about how UUs across the country are deepening their immigrant justice work.

What World Are You Dreaming Up?

Maybe it’s a conversation at coffee hour. Or a late-night talk with new friends at GA.

We know you feel the power of this moment. So much is untethered and uncertain—and so much is possible. It’s a time to gather wisdom, power, and commitment among people of conscience.

You may be curious to learn more, or you and your congregation may have a commitment to serving immigrants and refugees. No matter where you are on the journey, UURISE has resources and expertise to share–together, we can all amplify our impact! 

The world you are dreaming up is possible. Let’s go there together.

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UURISE at GA 2024:

Stories From the Front Lines of Immigrant Justice
On Demand Workshop – available on Whova

Proposed Action of Immediate Witness: Solidarity with Palestinians
Linktree with links to AIW language, FAQs, endorsements, and learning opportunities

Our 2024 Resources:

  • Faithful Justice – Ways UURISE can help congregations and small group ministries deepen and broaden their work on immigrant justice through education, discernment, and technical assistance
  • Worship & RE Resources – Craft meaningful, culturally appropriate, informative worship and educational opportunities for your congregation
  • Emergency Safety Planning for Immigrants – Empowering immigrants to avoid catastrophic loss in the event of detention or deportation
  • UURISE Justice Portals / Ventanillas de Justicia – Leveraging technology, resources, & partnerships to bring immigration services to underserved areas
  • Congregational Generosity – Support the UURISE mission by exploring and implementing ways to fund our services to immigrants and refugees
  • Volunteer & Intern Opportunities – We offer opportunities that allow individuals who share our values to contribute their time and talents, from wherever they are located

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Unitarian Universalist General Assembly June 19 - 23!