Transparency Within The Team

Because UURISE is structured as a flat hierarchy, we make decisions together, rather than having power and decision-making held by one or two people at the top of the organization. We have the legally required structure of a CEO and Board of Directors, and we have adapted those roles to work in our organizational culture. What this looks like:

  • Part-time staff, full-time staff, paraprofessional volunteers, and CEO are all members of the team.
  • Every member of the team has an equally weighted vote when we make team decisions.
  • Every team member gets the same benefits based on the hours they work.
  • The Board and the team operate with mutual respect and a commitment to radical equity. We make big decisions together.

Transparency With the Wider Community

We pride ourselves on our fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the funds we receive. You can view our Guidestar profile for more information.