Fostering self empowerment

At UURISE, our expertise and experience serve the goals and needs of our clients.

We want people to be empowered in the process of working with us toward greater safety, security and opportunities. 

We provide the information and options and our clients decide if and how to proceed at every decision point. 

To the extent that it is possible, we give our clients tools that they can update whenever they wish, like the Emergency Safety Planning for Immigrants (ESPI) tool.

Clients are active partners in their case.

This means that we are constantly talking through what we’re doing, and collaborating with them on next steps. We want the process to be as understandable and transparent as possible. This also means that when we determine there isn’t a pathway to an immigration benefit, we make sure the client knows why, and what would need to change in the law for them to be eligible–in part, this helps to protect them later from fraudulent services.